Just published a new version of Rad Trails on TestFlight. Checkout the latest improvements.

New title screen animation

Added a title screen that animations on app start.

New track selection map

New track selection

I have been working on the final design of the track selection screen.

To combat usability- and performance issues I decided to break down track selection into several different ‘islands’. Topographical map renderings is now done using smaller individual depth maps to improve performance and give a better navigation flow for the user.

New track selection map

New levels

I’ve designed the first stage of the game to include some new simpler levels, to give users a better chance to learn the controls.

At launch there are 5 new levels and I’ve reordered the remaining levels to better match their degree of difficulty.

I removed some of the old levels that didn’t make the cut. Some of them felt to boring or disruptive when racing. I try to design levels so that it’s possible to ride them in a flow, as I think that it’s a general theme of the game. I try to make levels that encourages players to perfect their technique, and find the perfect ‘line’ to beat individual race tracks.

New track selection map

'Sand Dunes' new technical level in Rad Trails

Smaller changes

  • Added tags to the leaderboard lists that highlights races that has not yet been defeated by anyone.
  • The next unlockable race track is now highlighted in a more prominent way on the race track selection map.
  • Added date tagging for messages.
  • You now can get a message when a race is beaten by a new player.

I can’t remember any more specific changes but there is plenty of minor improvements.

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